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Firefox Support Cycle Draws Criticism From System Administrators

On June 17th of 2008, three years and less than two weeks ago, Mozilla Corporation released the 3.0 version of the Firefox web browser; a promising and steadily growing web browser than many people, myself included, thought would finally take a stab at the dominance held by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  I remember the day well because I, a die-hard Firefox 2 user, sat at my desk constantly refreshing the download page in anticipation of the Firefox 3 release.  Through a thread on Digg (the fact that Digg was still popular at the time probably gives you a better feel for how long ago this was) I found a link to a copy of the setup executable for the then legendary web browser.  Admittedly, I was probably a bit crazy to have been obsessively wasting my time trying to get my hands on the 3.0 release, but I know for a fact that I wasn’t alone.  People from around the world were just as eager as I was to get their hands on the latest offerings as well.

What’s my point?  Just over three years ago, the release of a new Firefox version was a big deal; the last major release (2.0) having been released about a year and a half earlier in October of 2006.  But earlier this year, Mozilla introduced a new release cycle that put the release of Firefox 7 on the calendar by the end of 2011. While many have viewed this move as invaluable in competing with the constant releases of Google’s Chrome web browser, the rapid paced release cycle of the software has begun to cause concerns with network and system administrators.

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