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iPad 2 Unboxing

It was just under a year ago that I unboxed the original iPad live on stream and now almost one year later I’ve unboxed the iPad 2.  I know I previously stated that I probably wouldn’t be buying an iPad 2, and well, I ended up doing so.  How did it end up happening you ask?  Well, to put it simply, I rolled out of bed, reminded myself that the iPad 2 went on sale that day and promptly sat down in front of my computer and clicked “Buy.”

I don’t really recall many of the other details, like how I decided which model to go with or what color I wanted, and that’s partly due to the fact I was still half asleep and partly due to the fact the reality distortion field of Steve Jobs had taken full affect over my body.

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Apple TV Unboxing

Today, I received the brand new Apple TV.  As I previously wrote about, I think the new Apple TV will fill the gap between the computer and the TV.  You can find the full specifications and details for the Apple TV on Apple’s site.  My first impressions after unboxing the device were that it is extremely small.  Steve Jobs wasn’t kidding about that.

Some other things of note, it does not come with an HDMI cable, you need to buy one separately (if you don’t own one already).  The box includes the Apple TV, the remote (which is really sleek), the power cable, and the manual.  It has built-in WiFi (a/b/g/n) and also has an ethernet port on the back if you prefer to hardwire it.

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