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We just got in the Promise Pegasus3 R6 and did a little unboxing video.

The Pegasus3 R6 is a 6-bay hardware RAID enclosure with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports allowing you to daisy chain up to six additional devices. Promise also offers two other models, the R4 (4 drive bay) and R8 (8 drive bay). The company recently started offering a “build to order” (BTO) option which allows customers to select from various configuration options including hard drives and solid state drives. Pricing for the BTO models starts at $1,499.

Pegasus3 R6 and MacBook Pro.

The R6 model that Promise sent to us included 4 2TB SSD’s and 2 10TB HDD’s. It’s worth noting that according to Promise typical HDD performance will be approximately 200MB/s reads and 200MB/s writes, per drive and typical SSD performance will be approximately 500MB/s reads and 500MB/s writes, per drive. We haven’t tested anything just yet but will have more details of how things fare in our review. Another thing worth noting is that bandwidth on Thunderbolt 3 is limited to around 2.75GB/s.

In my opinion, I would either go with all SSD’s or all HDD’s. Of course, that decision ultimately depends on your planned use case for the device. We plan to explore that more deeply in our review.

Stay tuned!

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