Self-Driving Cars Could Give You Back More Than 100 Hours Per Year

Autonomous, or “self-driving”, cars have been one of the most-anticipated advances in technology since the early days of the 1950’s. Unlike flying cars and nuclear-powered automobiles, two other prognostications that seem as farfetched today as they did back then, driverless cars are actually poised to reach our roads … [Read more...]

Google Denies Impending Uber Competition

Yesterday’s news that Google had plans to take it to Uber in the form of a fleet of autonomous taxi-bots seems to have ruffled some feathers at the search giant – so much so that company insiders are starting to offer anonymous comments denying the rumors’ veracity. A new report out of the Wall Street Journal’s Digits … [Read more...]

Battle Bots: Google Tackling Uber with Self-Driving Taxis

Google’s plan for its in-development self-driving car has suddenly become a lot clearer. Today, Bloomberg reports that Google intends to roll out its fleet of autonomous vehicles in the not-too-distant future in conjunction with a ride-hailing app that will allow users to order a robo-car to wherever they are and take an … [Read more...]

Ride-Sharing Service Uber Enters Pennsylvania with Two-Year Experimental License

In the past, living in Pennsylvania meant the closest you got to Uber was being jealous of your friends in New York City and San Francisco. No more. Uber, a ride share service popular with those in larger cities, officially launched in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as of yesterday afternoon at 5 p.m., thanks to a … [Read more...]

Real Food Works Is the ‘Uber For Food’

When serial tech entrepreneur Lucina Duncalfe was eating lunch in a deserted restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon in Philadelphia, a lightbulb went off in her head.  Why couldn't the restaurant make food during their slow period that could be delivered to customers?  A few months later, Real Food Works was born. Real Food … [Read more...]

Google Maps Update Adds Uber & Guidance for Lanes and Last Call

Yesterday, Google rolled out a new update for its Maps app—you know, the one you rely on to get anywhere when you’re not a hundred percent familiar with the route. The newest features added to Maps make the app’s navigation and informational services even better: now you’ll know the best lane to drive in at any given … [Read more...]

Handybook’s Bet on Home Services is A Winning One

When it comes to industries like travel, food, and retail, there are literally hundreds of sites and apps where you can book flights, make restaurant reservations or buy a shirt.  But when it comes to booking services in the home, like housecleaning and plumbing, there is one app that is becoming the destination for home … [Read more...]

Uber Offering Christmas Tree Delivery Tomorrow and Tomorrow Only

Uber, the startup transportation company that’s normally known for connecting taxi-needing citizens with for-hire citizen drivers, is getting deeper into the home delivery business. After the success of its ice cream on-demand service this summer, the company is preparing to launch its latest seasonal endeavor : Christmas … [Read more...]

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