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From its modest beginnings in August 2009 with a $200k seed investment to its most recent fundraise of $3.5 billion, this infographic details the story of Uber and shows just how massive this company has become in seven short years.

Founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009, the company is valued at around $68 billion. If you look at the valuation alone that means Uber is bigger than each of these automakers: BMW, Ford, Honda, GM, and Nissan. It also makes at least 3x more revenue than the entire taxi industry according to CEO Travis Kalanick. That. is. insane.

Of course, Uber also has expanded its offerings with various other products such as UberEATS, UberFresh, and UberPOOL. All of which leverage the amazing network that the company has built.

Check out the infographic below, created by our friends at UnboxingDeals, for the rest of the details.


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