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Best Buy Releases Insignia Connected TV

Looking back it now it’s somewhat entertaining and equally mesmerizing to realize how far television has come in the past few decades.  I mean, it really wasn’t that long ago when a big box-sized television sporting bunny-ears and more than likely only a simple black-and-white picture was considered the “standard.”  Now in our present day the “modern” television equipment from last week almost seems outdated already in comparison to the even newer offerings hitting the market.  Plasma screens came and went in what felt like a heartbeat and now society makes it feel as if watching the Sunday game on anything less than a wall-sized LCD in 1080p is simply unacceptable.

But just as much as television hardware has changed over the years – predominantly in the last decade or so – the mechanisms in which we get our content has innovated quite a bit as well.  Just as cable and satellite providers trumped analog antennas and over-the-air public broadcasting, the Internet is becoming the new way to watch content.  And with the convenience of being able to watch whatever one wants whenever they want to, Internet-based streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have even managed to put digital video recording systems (DVR’s) – a “premium” feature that cable and satellite subscribers used to pay dearly for to shame.

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Google-TiVo Deal Hopes to Help Advertisers

Google and TiVo are teaming up for a new deal that will put your remote clicking habits into the hands of advertisers. However, before you freak out about privacy, the information is completely anonymous and may be far less of an invasion of privacy then you may be thinking.  For those who are unaware, Google’s AdWords program also allows you to advertise on TV and radio.

“None of this is being used to actually target an individual,” explains Google spokesperson Eric Obenzinger. “It’s more about delivering more accurate reporting back to advertisers so they can inform their future budgeting decisions.”

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