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TiVo is about to get a kick into the twenty-first century, and in a big way. While the company has been criticized for their backwards thinking products and services in recent years, TiVo is hoping to convince would be customers that they’re getting with the times with a new cloud service currently in the prototype stage, dubbed network PVR.

Network PVR, which will be marketed and licensed to network providers, will provide customers with the DVR functionality that they already know and love, including the ability to check future programming schedules, record shows, pause live TV, as well as TiVo’s social sharing functionality all through a version of the company’s familiar and iconic TiVo user experience and interface.

Of particular note is TiVo’s program sharing functionality, which will allow network PVR users to share recorded programs with authorized close friends and families right over the web. TiVo is said to be working on making this a killer feature using nothing but the user’s remote control, though it presumably remains to be seen as to whether or not the company will get the content providers’ blessing to go through with this unique and exciting program.

TiVo will be presenting at the International Broadcast Convention 2013 next week and plans on revealing more on their exciting new network PVR service then, so stay tuned.


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