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5 Rules for Designing Products Like Apple

“For you to sleep well at night the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.” said Steve Jobs when talking about designing products. Steve was in every sense of the word a perfectionist. And his drive to perfect every Apple product has undoubtedly paid off, Apple is now the most valuable company in the world and still growing with new products in the pipeline.

But how did Steve Jobs do it? And perhaps more importantly, how will Apple continue to design great products? The answer lies within five simple but strict rules of design.

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Tim Cook Talks About Mac Production In The U.S., The Mysterious iTV, and Steve Jobs

Tim Cook has been a busy man lately, he was interviewed by NBC’s Brian Williams and also profiled by Bloomberg’s Businessweek on his first year as CEO of Apple that appeared online earlier today. The much anticipated interview on NBC with Brian Williams will be airing tonight at 10PM EST, but we are already learning much of what will be discussed during the conversation that took place in, among other places, Apple’s Grand Central retail store location in New York.

The topics of conversation range from bringing Mac production back to the U.S. to the mysterious Apple TV set (iTV) and more.

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