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Ears are a weird organ. The more I looked at people’s ears for this article the more I realized just how weird they look. Weird organ aside–it seems that many of the greatest tech founders in the world share an ear similarity: unattached ear lobes.*

Before we get to the list, I think I owe an explanation as to why I decided to look into the types of ear lobes people have. In an attempt to boost my ego after a frustrating day, my girlfriend for whatever reason decided to tell me that the most successful people in tech have ear lobes like mine (unattached). I didn’t believe her, I mean, who would know such a weird factoid? I asked her to show me, “Google Steve Jobs and look at the images,” I said. At this point she was likely sweating bullets, as I later found out she did in fact pull this “fact” out of her ass–but it turned out to be true! Steve Jobs, check. He had unattached ear lobes. We kept Googling. Here’s the list.

*This list is compiled with no scientific evidence, I relied on looking at photos and trying to determine whether or not these people had attached or unattached ear lobes.

  1. Steve Jobs, Apple


2. Larry Page, Google

Larry Page, co-founder and chief executive officer at Google Inc., smiles during the Google I/O Annual Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Page disclosed a health condition that can result in hoarse speech and labored breathing, though according to doctors won’t impede him from running the Web-search provider. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Larry Page

3. Bill Gates, Microsoft


4. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook


5. Larry Ellison, Oracle


6. Travis Kalanick, Uber


7. Woz, Apple


8. Sergey Brin, Google


9. Jeff Weisbein, KYA

Sorry, had to include myself!
Sorry, had to include myself! I know I’m not in the leagues of these guys (yet)!

So who didn’t make the list? Unfortunately it seems the outlier in this group is Elon Musk.

It looks like Elon has attached ear lobes.
It looks like Elon has attached ear lobes. :(

If you have unattached ear lobes, you’re in good company. If you have attached ear lobes, well, you have perhaps the greatest living entrepreneur by your side. Regardless of your ear lobes, let’s crush the rest of this week!


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