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BlackBerry Torch: Too Little, Too Late?

For a while now, I have been a loyal BlackBerry user. Being the original “smart-phone”, the BlackBerry has gained an excellent reputation in the business field over the last eleven years. With mobile email, SMS and media messaging, and mobile Internet, the BlackBerry was the first device to be considered a “mobile communications device” as apposed to simply a phone. While the Curve provided to me by my office isn’t exactly the latest and greatest, I have always been content with the overall performance and power of the device.

But that’s the thing. I’ve been content. I haven’t been too impressed with any of the features, especially as I see the new features being made available on the iPhone and Android-based phones. Don’t get me wrong; I know my phone is outdated. But tonight I began to consider upgrading my phone. Having been a BlackBerry user for as long as I have been, it was only natural that I started looking at the new BlackBerry.

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