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Microsoft unveiled their latest new product at the Mobile World Congress – what is it you ask? Windows Phone 7 Series.  Not in love with the name?  Yeah me either, but this is a completely revamped mobile operating system and phone by Microsoft.  They are setting standards as to what Windows Phone should be running to ensure maximum performance and experience.  Microsoft plans to make sure manufactures follow their CPU, speed of the CPU, RAM, screen and screen size, and other hardware related items requirements to achieve this goal even if it means limiting the amount of phone styles available at first.

The Windows Phone has been completely revamped with a brand new user interface.  Microsoft has called these new integrations Live Tiles or Smart Tiles.  Smart tiles are little widgets that update in real-time and the new Live tiles have XBOX Live integration, Zune integration, Facebook updates, email, and more.  Additionally, you can customize them and add as many as you like to make it more personal.

Windows Phone also allows you to sync over WiFi which is a pretty cool (and very nice feature, I think).  And yes, the phone does have a multi-touch screen.  The only problem with this phone currently is that it isn’t and won’t be available until late 2010.  By then, Apple and Google will have already moved on with their next iterations of the devices and mobile operating systems.  Will it be too little, too late for Microsoft?

In this mobile market which is constantly changing and evolving, it may be.  Microsoft may be too far behind the eight ball here.  But then again, they have made some decent progress in search so far with Bing so who knows what the software giant has up its sleeves.


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