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Apple Time Capsule Review (2TB)

In my previous post about the new 2TB Apple Time Capsule where I unboxed it, I briefly explained what the Time Capsule actually is and promised a more in depth review as soon as I got a chance to actually use it.  So as promised here is a more in depth review of Apple’s new Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule is a wireless router (802.11n) which contains a hard drive for easy backup in conjunction with the OS X application Time Machine.  The new Time Capsule’s come in a 1TB model for $299 and a 2TB model for $499.  It comes with 1 Gbit WAN port and 3 Gbit LAN ports (I wish it had 4) directly on the device itself as well as a single USB port for a network printer and/or an external hard drive which would essentially turn into a NAS.  The design of the Time Capsule is very sleek.  I like the fact it has no external antenna’s.

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