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I received an email from Justin who wanted to know if there is a way to recover his router password. Unfortunately there really isn’t, however, you can reset the router back to factory defaults and start over.  In most cases there is a button which can be pushed with a pen/pencil/paper clip on the back or underneath the router itself which should reset it.  I should also note by resetting the router back to factory defaults, you will lose all of your current configurations and network settings. That being said, you may want to check out KeePass (an open source password manager) so this doesn’t happen again.

In addition, Justin mentioned he was using WEP encryption to protect his WiFi, I would recommend that you look into WPA as an alternative to WEP for when you reconfigure your router and network.  WEP is an older encryption method which is flawed and easily crackable nowadays if you have the right tools (which can be found easily on the web).


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