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The Google Android software definitely has some perks by being open source – one being unrestricted apps. In addition, you will have a lot of variation as it’s not limited to one service or type of phone. While the G1 has some limitation in service/phone capabilities the Android software definitely shows a lot of potential.

One of the major limitations with the service provided by T-Mobile with the G1 is the 1GB transfer limit which if surpassed will knock your connection speed down to a measly 50kbit/s – that is slow. Aside from that the phone has no 3.5mm headphone jack, so listening to any audio files such as MP3’s will be a pain without some kind of adapter. However, the phone does offer a full QWERTY keyboard which some people may prefer over the on-screen iPhone keyboard.

As for the software itself (Android) it looks very promising. The fact it’s open source is very key. This means developers have full access to create applications and modify the Android software. Customization will be a key part of the Android’s success here as opposed to the iPhone which is has been knocked for limited developing abilities especially when it comes to handling the iPhone software itself.

What kind of applications will be on the horizon for the Android? Well, I expect to see some kind of Flash version available eventually, unlike the iPhone which according to Steve Jobs will never happen – at least not under his watch. Jailbreaking the Android software will not be necessary in my opinion as that will be the name of the game anyway – develop without restrictions and customize to your needs.

However, that being said, I wouldn’t buy the G1. I’m waiting for more apps, more phones, and more plans to be unveiled. At the end of the day, the phone software with the superior applications will win me over – plain and simple.

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