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Google New: Learn About All New Google Products

In an attempt to help users find and use more of Google’s products and features, the search giant has launched a new website dubbed Google New.  Google New started as a 20 percent project that a few Googlers worked on to showcase Google’s products and features.

As Google states on their blog, with more than 100 blogs covering all of Google’s latest news which includes new products and features, it can be very difficult to keep up with or find the information you are looking for.  By default, Google New will show snippets from the latest blog posts in reverse chronological order, however, you can also modify the page to just show the things you are actually interested in such as AdSense, Gmail, and YouTube as well as the ability to sort by general interests including Business, Social, and Mobile.

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Firefox 3.5 Focuses On Privacy

A few days ago, Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate, and the world’s second most popular web browser is sporting some nifty new features.  Firstly, Firefox 3.5 contains addition speed improvements from the previous releases.  Mozilla claims that Firefox 2 averaged page load times of about 18,000 milliseconds, Firefox 3 at roughly 4,000 milliseconds, and Firefox 3.5 clocking in at 1,500 milliseconds.  That’s just enough of a difference to really notice the improvement!

The most noticeable changes lie in the browser’s privacy tools.  Firefox 3.5 has a new “Private Browsing” mode that will record absolutely nothing of your browsing habits.  Cookies, history, cache, etc is all deleted once you leave private browsing.

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