In an attempt to help users find and use more of Google’s products and features, the search giant has launched a new website dubbed Google New.  Google New started as a 20 percent project that a few Googlers worked on to showcase Google’s products and features.

As Google states on their blog, with more than 100 blogs covering all of Google’s latest news which includes new products and features, it can be very difficult to keep up with or find the information you are looking for.  By default, Google New will show snippets from the latest blog posts in reverse chronological order, however, you can also modify the page to just show the things you are actually interested in such as AdSense, Gmail, and YouTube as well as the ability to sort by general interests including Business, Social, and Mobile.

Aside from the obvious implications of Google New, it also seems that Google will be using Google New as new way to encourage their users to try out more of their products (both new and old) as well as explore more of what Google has to offer.  This is something the Google New video (shown above) seems to really hammer home to the viewer.

The fact of the matter is that most of Google’s users are not aware of half of the products provided by Google.  I think the launch of Google New is a smart move and will absolutely bring more awareness to their products.  I’m honestly shocked it took this long for Google to do something like this.

This is what grocery stores of the future will eventually look like

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