New York City

RoboCops: NYPD Testing Google Glass

There’s no question about the world-changing potential for Google Glass, and the barrage of imitative wearables sure to follow. But a new report from VentureBeat published yesterday reveals that Glass is currently being tested for use in the field by the New York Police Department, and the initiative could have radical … [Read more...]

NYC Pursuing Online and Pay-By-App Parking Meters

Yesterday, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s website published a press release to announce that the City was going to start accepting bids for pay-by-app parking systems, bringing one of the metropolitan area’s biggest headaches into the 21st century. According to the press release, a pilot program for this system is … [Read more...]

Rachel Haot Explains Why NYC Is The Best Place to Start Your Business

Rachel Haot, the Chief Digital Officer in NYC is on stage now at The Next Web Conference in NYC and has shared a bunch of really interesting stats and details about how NYC is becoming a great place to start a business, especially in the tech industry.  Just yesterday, NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg announced that NYC is now … [Read more...]

GetTaxi Makes Its Big Apple Debut As Its G-Cars Roll Into NYC

The taxi industry has seen a lot of disruption recently from the entrance of companies like Uber and the recent victory for e-hailing apps, the entire industry is in this flux of sorts.  As technology has advanced, it has left several car service companies high and dry -- not able to take advantage of the tech or compete … [Read more...]

Rentenna Makes Apartment Hunting Easier With Building Ratings

I wish I had Rentenna when I was looking for rentals in New York (I may have been able to avoid the complete disregard of my landlord for fixing things).  Rentenna is a Website that rates apartment buildings and neighborhoods by compiling data through open data sources and other sites.  The result is a Pinterest-looking … [Read more...]

New York Taxi E-Hail Apps Officially Get The Green Light

New Yorker's can now use apps to e-hail taxi's, according to a new ruling by the appellate division of the New York County Supreme Court.  The ruling which came down today has officially given the green light to the city’s e-hail pilot program, after it had been stalled in court by litigation and a preliminary injunction … [Read more...]

UberTAXI Is Back In New York City [Update: Well, Not So Fast]

Uber, the company that has been disrupting the transportation space, specifically when it comes to taxi's has brought back its e-hail taxi app in New York City.  The company made the announcement on its blog earlier today. This past Friday, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission approved Uber as the first participant in a … [Read more...]

Outbox Digitizes Snail Mail; Launches in San Francisco

Do you have a pile of junk mail sitting on your counter that you have to sort though?  Wouldn't it be nice to have someone sort through all of your mail and then digitally send it to you on your mobile device?  Outbox is changing the way mail is delivered and now San Francisco can start using its services. Outbox, which … [Read more...]

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