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How To: Configure Dual Monitors In Windows

Multi-monitor configurations allow a user to “stretch” their desktop workspace across multiple screens, all while working off of the same computer.  Dual monitors can be productive in the sense that they allow one to have multiple windows displayed on their screen, and can be greatly beneficial in making comparisons and multi-tasking.  In the same sense, dual monitors can be anti-productive by making it that much easier for a person to keep a web browser running constantly, and always having Facebook, Twitter, etc open whilst still doing work.  In any case, dual monitors are simply awesome either way, as they allow you to truly take advantage  of your computer’s hardware in order to multi-task.

Windows has a built-in mechanism for configuring multiple monitors, and in all honesty, it does its job fairly well.  In Windows XP, this can be accessed by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Properties”, then moving over to the “Preferences” tab.  From this window, you can drag the screens in order to best simulate your layout.  Additionally, you can configure the respective resolutions for each of your monitors.

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