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How To: Set Up Your iPhone or Android as A Hotspot

Activating the personal hotspot on your smartphone lets you connect your computers and devices to the Internet using the cellular data connection on your device.  It’s easy to do and works on iPhone 3GS and later versions as well as most Android devices.

The key here is that you need an active data plan, as well as the tethering option added to that plan.  If you don’t have them, call your service provider to add them.  It’s also worth noting that if you are currently grandfathered in on AT&T’s “unlimited” data plan, you will need to switch to one of AT&T’s new data plans in order to use your phone as an Internet hotspot.  Below are instructions for turning either an iPhone or an Android smartphone into a mobile Internet hotspot.

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LTE Explained: How It’s Going to Make Mobile Better.

Picture this: you’re sitting at the Super Bowl about to text your buddy about the awesome game. After typing your message and hitting send you are greeted with this message: “The message can not be sent at this time. Please try again later.” Most of us have seen this before and all of us hate it. What exactly causes this? Over congested mobile towers and what seems to be little attempt from the carries to solve this growing problem that leaves hundreds of thousands each day with cellular headaches.

LTE, which is the next big thing in mobile telecommunications promises to alleviate these issues and provide end-users with more reliable connections. All the big mobile phone providers are jumping on board talking about how amazing their LTE is going to be vs. the competitors. So will LTE solve those cellular headaches?

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