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iPhone Found to Store Location Data: Is it a Big Deal?

Yesterday technology news was filled with stories regarding the Apple iPhone and the fact that it has recently been discovered to store a history of location coordinates.  This news came after technology researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan discovered a somewhat hidden file on the device while doing research for an entirely different project.  Immediately after this news surfaced people began crying foul left and right, declaring the activity as a blatant violation of privacy.  And while I cannot argue that this action on the part of Apple is indeed a bit big brother-ish, we really have to sit down and ask ourselves if this is all that big of a deal.

First and foremost, it’s incredibly important to consider that the file is simply stored on the device and any computers that the iPhone syncs or backs up to.  The file is never – as far as we know – sent out to Apple or any of its contractors or agents, and I am confident that the researchers that discovered the file would have realized and shared if the file was indeed transmitted.  So off the bat, the privacy violation concept has been diminished because no one ever sees the data.

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting

When establishing an online presence for yourself or your business/organization, there are a number of important components that help your content stand a better chance at being found and becoming successful on the vast sea of information that is the Internet.  Personally, I have always been a stickler for creating high-quality content, as I believe that this is the single most important aspect to any blog or website.  In the past, this has led me to write articles about why content is important and even on how to write and produce better content.  At the end of the day, however, content is only one component that helps to drive your websites success, and shouldn’t be your only focus with your online presence.

One aspect of our online presence that many people tend to neglect thinking about is their web hosting service.  Sure, your average consumer will usually check out a number of web hosting providers before purchasing service with one provider or another.  In a previous video, Jeff discussed a number of reliable web hosting and dedicated/virtual server providers.  However, even with the amount of information and reviews that are available for various hosts, many people shop for hosting based on one thing: price.  Sadly, many people simply neglect to consider the reputation and reliability of their web hosts, and ultimately end up missing out on a what could be a much more successful online presence. This is quite understandable given that they’re plenty of webhosting companies for Indonesia (as well as all over the world). With such a vast amount of web hosting companies, choosing the right company for your needs can be quite challenging. To help you find the right company, we’ve curated a list of what makes a good web host.

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Foursquare’s 11 Hour Downtime Is Unacceptable

I’m going to come straight out and say it.  Foursquare’s 11-hour downtime fiasco in completely unacceptable.  And you know what?  It seems Foursquare agrees.  According to their blog post which explains the downtime, they state, “All told, we were down for about 11 hours, which is unacceptably long.”

Foursquare is currently in a very hot market – location based services.  They cannot afford to be down for 11 hours, it’s too costly, especially when the market their in is so volatile.  If they continue to have downtime and scaling issues, they will fall behind.  It’s that simple.  Especially now that they are competing against Facebook Places.

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