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Should Reddit Buy Imgur?

Before I start out this article, I must say that I myself am not a huge Reddit user at all.  I opened an account more than two years ago when Digg was still a hot hangout for bored Internet users, but over the years I honestly haven’t visited the site all that often.  That said, I read most of my news directly from publishers websites and have personally found that when I want to keep up with the world around me there is no better place to go than Google News.  All that said, Reddit isn’t simply a news site, but rather a free-formed community in which users can create and engage in topics that interest them.  Even I, on the rare occasions where I have extra time to kill, do venture onto Reddit to browse comical images for a good laugh.

Yesterday was one of those days, and as evening rolled around and I had all of my paperwork caught up on I figured I’d visit Reddit for a bit.  As is typical for my infrequent Reddit extravaganzas, the first “subreddit” that I visited was /r/funny.  I was in it for the laughs, after all.  After a few minutes of poking around, I was amazed at the sheer number of posts that linked to the free Imgur image hosting service; a site known for its clean interface and minimal advertisements.  Going back to the main page of the “subreddit” and looking in detail I saw that all ten of the first ten posts on the front page were indeed links to photos hosted on Imgur.

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