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One of the best/worst things about the Internet these days is the proliferation of running gags and in-jokes—more commonly known as “memes”—that has infested every corner of every site everywhere, always. Is someone marveling at the confusing wonders of the world? I predict a “doge” post on their Facebook Timeline.  Perhaps one of your friends is bemoaning how his favorite band is too popular now and, therefore, is no longer worth enjoying. Time to Hipster Ariel that guy.

But making and distributing memes on the go has always been but a dream of the snarky Internet user—until now. Image hosting giant imgur has released a free iOS app called MemeGen that allows account holders to create and distribute memes from the comfort of their iPhones. Hooray?

The app is a follow-up to imgur’s Meme Generator tool, and it seems pretty easy to use. You can choose from one of 135,000 templates that are sorted alphabetically (so you’d better know what you’re looking for), input text on the top or the bottom, and then save it to your imgur account. From there, you can slap the image URL into Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever, to make your point with pictures while simultaneously annoying and alienating your friends by creating yet another “Most Interesting Man in the World” image. Good job!

Memes aren’t going anywhere, so I guess imgur’s doing everyone a favor by making them easier to create and distribute. As of now, the ability to mobile meme with the MemeGen App is restricted only to iOS users, which means that if and when Android users get the app too, we’ll hit ultimate meme saturation considering how many Android devices are out there. So if you start to see a whole lot more meme posts on Facebook and Twitter in the next few days, you’ll know why.


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