HP’s Newest Laptop Has an ‘Air’ of Familiarity

Back when Apple launched its MacBook Air line of laptops, a lot of competitors showed up to compete in the light-and-thin laptop game. Heck, the device practically spawned an entire class of notebook -- the "ultrabook." But while we've seen a lot of companies try to equal or best the MacBook Air's form factor, we've not … [Read more...]

Qualcomm Acquires Palm Patent Portfolio from HP

According to a press release, it seems Qualcomm has just announced that it acquired Palm's patent portfolio from HP which comprised of approximately 1,400 granted patents and pending patent applications in the US and approximately 1,000 granted patents and pending patent applications from other countries.  The patents cover … [Read more...]

HP is Pushing Windows 7. An Example of Windows H8?

Month after month, we tech writers like to discuss the gains Microsoft is making with Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) in terms of its overall market share. It’s kind of like documenting each developmental stage of a baby as it grows into toddler-hood. We marvel at its incremental growth, writing headlines about 0 8.1 “doubled … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-up: Snapchat Hacked; Apple vs. Samsung May Come to an End

Good day, all, and welcome to this Sunday's edition of the Weekend Wrap-up. We're taking a look at some of the bigger tech stories from the past week to help you get all caught up, and we've even thrown in some video for good measure. Ready to get started? Let's go. Snapchat Hacked, 4.6 Million Account Usernames and Phone … [Read more...]

HP Forced to Layoff Up to 34,000 Employees in 2014

HP hasn't exactly been the name of success these past couple of years, but it looks like the situation is even more dire than HP itself has thought. According to HP's updated SEC 10-K filing, the company will now be forced to layoff 34,000 employees throughout 2014 - that's up 5,000 employees from its previous estimate just … [Read more...]

Long-Dead webOS to Rise from the Grave in LG’s New Smart TVs

A post on the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog reports that LG, electronics manufacturer and chief Samsung rival (behind Apple, of course) is gearing up to revive webOS, the mobile operating system built by the now-defunct Palm corporation for its smartphone and tablet devices. Interestingly, LG—which apparently purchased … [Read more...]

Look Out Below: PC Shipments Decrease for Sixth Consecutive Quarter

The PC industry isn't looking pretty.  For the past six consecutive quarters PC shipments have continued to decline, a trend that is expected to continue.  New reports by both Gartner and IDC do not look promising at all.  "Worldwide PC shipments totaled 80.3 million units in the third quarter of 2013, an 8.6 percent … [Read more...]

HP’s newest all-in-one PC, the Slate 21, runs on Android

I've mentioned on a few different occasions that I believe Android could be a decent desktop operating system if given the chance, and it seems the same idea is starting to catch on with PC manufacturers. The latest entrant into the world of Android-powered PCs is the HP Slate 21, an all-in-one that tosses out Windows and … [Read more...]

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