Apple Said to Plan iPhone 5C Production Shut Down

While it’s not as good as a confirmation from Apple itself, a new report claims that the company will soon stop making new iPhone 5C units by next year. The news comes by way of the Industrial and Commercial Times out of Taiwan (via MacRumors), and follows similar rumors we’ve heard for months since that handset’s debut … [Read more...]

Manufacturers Struggling Under iPhone 6 Demand

This Friday, Apple fans lucky enough to get their pre-orders in should be receiving their brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. But those record-setting pre-orders have brought a whole host of new challenges, as reports out of China indicate that manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the crazy high demand … [Read more...]

Report: iPhone 6 Display Issues Forced Production Delays

Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone 6 this fall, with many outlets reporting that the company has scheduled a press event for September 9 to get it done. A new report, however, casts a bit of doubt on Apple’s ability to keep to that date, apparently due to a supply chain issue that caused some major delays in the … [Read more...]

Foxconn & Pegatron Split iPhone 6, May Debut 9/9

The latest scuttlebutt about Apple’s iPhone 6 points to a fall release. Last week, news hit that Apple would hold a press event on September 9, where it’s expected that we’ll finally catch a glimpse of the new handset – while a new report today claims that Apple is looking to ensure a healthy amount of units to be available … [Read more...]

BlackBerry CEO Expects Profits by 2016 Despite Massive Sales Slide

As you’ve probably heard by now, the news for BlackBerry over the past several months has not been good. And this morning’s quarterly earnings report—which, according to Engadget's breakdown, saw a 1.8 million drop in smartphone shipments and the monumental loss of $4.4 billion—made the news for the struggling handset maker … [Read more...]

Rumors Swirl of a Bigger iPad Tested at Foxconn Factories

If you’re an Apple adherent, you’ve probably got the deliriously glorious iPad Air in your hands right now, and you’re tapping away, blissful in the security that you’ve got the newest, jammiest iPad around. But reports out of China point to yet another iPad—a bigger, flashier one—being tested in Foxconn factories right … [Read more...]

Dozens of iPhone 5Cs photographed undergoing quality control

We've certainly seen our fair share of the "budget" iPhone 5C at this point, but never quite like this. According to popular French blog NoWhereElse (and confirmed by some smart detective work by Engadget), that photo you're looking at above depicts dozens of assembled, working iPhone 5Cs undergoing testing at Foxconn's … [Read more...]

Apple asks Foxconn to ship both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in September

While we all eagerly await the September 10th unveiling of the next-generation iPhone, today we're getting a clearer picture of what Apple may have in store for next month's big event. While AllThingsD was confident that Apple would be announcing the iPhone 5S at the event, The Wall Street Journal is now adding fuel to the … [Read more...]

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