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The latest scuttlebutt about Apple’s iPhone 6 points to a fall release. Last week, news hit that Apple would hold a press event on September 9, where it’s expected that we’ll finally catch a glimpse of the new handset – while a new report today claims that Apple is looking to ensure a healthy amount of units to be available this fall by splitting the manufacturing duties among two suppliers.

The news of the September 9 event came via Re/code last week, though it should be noted that Apple itself has yet to announce plans for an event that day. Even still, the last few iPhone reveals have taken place in September, and “9/9” will certainly look good on a minimalist poster to hype up the event should Apple confirm the date. Of course, we’ve also heard rumblings for quite some time that Apple will also finally lift the curtain on the iWatch, and 9/9 seems as possible as any other date.

That isn’t all. A report on Digitimes says that Apple has commissioned Asian manufacturer Pegatron to make 25 million 4.7-inch iPhone 6 units – half of the estimated 50 million units that are supposedly going to be produced before the end of the year. Pegatron’s manufacturing rival and longtime Apple supplier Foxconn, it’s said, will be responsible for the other half of the initial iPhone 6 production run. That level of redundancy would seem to guarantee that a solid amount of iPhone 6 units will make their way to store shelves in spite of whatever hiccups may occur at one plant or another.

Hopefully Apple won’t keep us in suspense long and will confirm the 9/9 event soon. Failing that, maybe we’ll find out about some kind of event sooner rather than later. I’m so tired of waiting for the iPhone 6 – I think we’re all just about ready to start waiting for the iPhone 7 instead.

[Sources: Re/code, Digitimes]

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