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Social Media is Killing Our Intimate Moments

A few months ago, a good friend of mine sent me an iMessage containing a beautiful photo of a Boston street during autumn. This friend, who uses social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook infrequently, leaves her accounts dormant for months at a time. I replied back to her, “Photos like these would be great for Twitter, you know!” And my friend, who is extremely wise now that I look back, replied that it meant more to share something with one person than it did with the entire world.

It didn’t hit me right away, but as I took an extended break from Twitter (38 days and counting), I realized that she was absolutely right. It’s hard to give someone your exclusive attention when you have the world in your pocket, and it’s much harder when communicating digitally. But whatever hope you do have is completely obliterated when social networking sites come into the picture.

They are the killers of intimate moments.

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How Would iCloud Fare at the Enterprise Level?

When Apple’s legendary Worldwide Developers Conference rolled around earlier this month, I must admit that I was personally a tad disappointed at the lack of new hardware that many expected to be unveiled.  Like many, I myself was secretly wishing that the company would unveil the next generation Apple iPhone.  However, even without the presence of new hardware to show off, Apple’s developer conference wasn’t a blow by any stretch of the imagination.

One of the things that I found most intriguing was the “iCloud” service, which is expected to be unveiled a bit later this year.  The ability to seamlessly synchronize files and collaborate efficiently with other users is a very promising development.  Even though some will argue that Apple mimicked and stole ideas from other developers, I must say that the cleanliness of how things appear to be tied together make the upcoming service something that I believe will be an instant hit with consumers.

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IRCCloud Review

If there’s one thing I hate, it hands-down has to be missing out on things.  Really, it’s a common thing for me to rewind the security camera tapes at work to see what happens when I’m not there.  Some people call this “creepy”; and to an extent I’d probably have to agree myself.  And needless to say, this same trait is very obvious in just about every element of my day-to-day lifestyle.

Being very active on IRC (particularly the WyldRyde IRC Network) I personally like to be able to read backlogs for things that happen while I’m away.  When I had my desktop set up at home, it was always a simple matter of leaving an IRC client connected and scrolling back when I awoke in the morning or returned from being out and about.  But when I purchased my MacBook Pro earlier this year, my desktop landed itself in a box in my closet.

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The Next Big Thing Will Improve Communication

If we take a look at the way people communicated before technology became a prevalent part of our every day lives, it does not take much time to realize that it was a completely different world than it is today.  Today, there are a multitude of ways to communicate with other people.  Mobile technology is the current hot market and will (I’m betting as well as many others) be for years to come.  Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, HTC, and the list goes on, are all looking to build the ultimate mobile communication device.

Each of these new devices improves our ability to communicate with others.  Whether it be due to better social integration, video calling, or various other features, we are now more connected to each other than ever before.  We have access to the Internet, email, social networks, text messages, GPS, games, applications, and of course, a telephone right in the palm of our hands.  It’s incredible.  But what will be the next big thing?

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