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Year In Review: The Biggest Tech Failure In 2012

The tale of this story actually starts in March 2011, when Color launched its app to the world along with the announcement that the company had raised a staggering $41 million prior to the launch. Color’s app was supposed to reinvent photo sharing, it was supposed to be as big a deal as Google, it was supposed to be a huge success.

It was none of those things, as it turns out. In fact, it was a big failure.

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Color’s Ex-CEO Bill Nguyen Didn’t Understand Silicon Valley

By now you have heard that the CEO of Color, the failed photo app, Bill Nguyen is reportedly out of the company. The entire story behind the company that we knew of to date has been interesting to say the least. From the flaunting of its $41 million raised in venture capital from big name venture firms such as Sequoia, the promise to deliver one of the most innovative applications that we had seen in years, to the supposed all-star talent — none of it mattered.

The only thing impressive about the company (to date) was its theatrical launch which focused more on the vast amount of money it raised in venture capital, and less about the application itself because it was so difficult to figure out how to use that it was just bound to fail. As far as I was concerned though, even after the rocky launch, the all-star founding team could still make the company work and get a better version out of the door. That never happened. The other two co-founders left, the product fell apart, and Bill spent his time vacationing, rather than being in the office figuring out how to reinvent the company. How could it be any worse? It turns out it could be, and was worse, way worse.

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Colorware Brings Some Color to Your Gadgets

First, let me just say, Colorware is an awesome company.  What they do is very cool.  So what is it that they do exactly?  Well, as you can see for yourself in the video above, they colorize your favorite gadgets.  You can either send them the gadget you want colored (provided they support it) or you can have them purchase the gadget and color it.  Of course, if you have them purchase it the cost of the product is factored in to the final price.

Colorware can custom color your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, MacBook Pro/Air, AudioEngine A2’s, XBOX, and much more.  Sounds awesome, right?  It is.  However, it’s not cheap.  The Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse I ordered cost approximately $330 and that’s on the low-end of the scale in terms of their prices.

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Color.com Sold for $350k

After doing a little research I discovered that Color.com was acquired by Color Labs in December 2010 for $350,000.  After hearing about the new photo sharing social network which raised $41 million dollars (pre-launch) from several venture capital firms (which is more than Google raised), I wondered how much of it they used to acquire the domain name Color.com.  Well, it appears, not that much of the $41 million was spent on the domain.

If you look at the site DN Sale Price, you can see for yourself that the domain sold for 350k according to DN Journal (the source it lists).  I’ve included a screenshot below.


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