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Last night I was upset. I mean, it wasn’t anything really serious (looking back in hindsight), I guess you could say it was typical startup founder worries, but still, as I’m sure everyone knows when you are upset about something it always feels like it’s the biggest problem in the world and may even seem insurmountable at that point in time. And as I sat there on my bed thinking about some of the stuff going on at KYA currently, my girlfriend walks into the bedroom and blows my mind with one sentence: “Do you even remember what your biggest problem with KYA was last month?”

I sat there and looked at her, “No,” I replied. And at that moment I literally felt like this:


I continued to sit there and began to try and rack my brain to remember what the biggest problem we faced at KYA last month was — I still couldn’t. I finally started to laugh because I just couldn’t think of it. It was then that I realized: we (everyone) face problems all the time and in the moment those problems always seem massive, but once you are able to solve them and move on they are just little blips on the radar.

I have a great track record of solving problems both in my business and personal life, but what is interesting is that whenever a new problem arises I seem to forget that in the past I’ve successfully overcome them. If you were to ask me why I can get consumed by a new problem, I think my answer would be “What if this is the one I can’t solve.”

What we all need to remember is that running into problems is part of life, no matter who you are or what you do. They pop up in both your business and personal life and there is really nothing you can do to avoid them — you just need to solve them. And as I’ve now learned, once you do solve the problem you won’t even remember it.

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