Well that was fast. According to partial data for July 2015 on Google Trends, voat, a community-based site that has seen a rise in popularity due to the clashing over at reddit, has already caught up to reddit with regard to search interest. As I type this post, voat has a score of 71 and reddit has a score of 73. The rise in popularity of voat happened extremely quickly — it’s pretty much a straight line up from May to July.

You can take a look for yourself over at Google Trends. I’m also embedding the screenshot below. What do you think: will the trend continue or will voat interest flame out?


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  • I’ve been a registered member of Voat for 12 days now (thanks to Reddit’s censorship, shaddowbanning [which still goes on despite the new CEO’s ‘vow’ that it will stop], late and inadequate responses from management, and their ridiculous new policies).

    The community on Voat getting stronger and more cohesive. More interesting subverses (forum pages) are opening on Voat every day. Most of the new people on Voat share the same ideals as me (freedom of speech) so the conversations are more thoughtful than the silliness I used to see on Reddit.

    I do not see Voat ‘flaming out’ any time soon. In fact, when new registrations are allowed again, there’ll be an even bigger influx of members. Reddit only did this to themselves.

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