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The emergence of Twitch TV is arguably the seminal innovation of 2015, primarily because it elevates live streaming onto an entirely new level. From having the capacity to watch uploaded videos online and on demand, users can now enjoy real-time entertainment at their leisure.

Recently, it was also announced that popular social media outlet YouTube had made a commitment to compete with Twitch, by launching its very own, dedicated gaming service. Powered by Google, YouTube Gaming will aim to host the biggest community of gamers on the World Wide Web and offer advanced live streaming on a global scale.

In truth, this should not come as a surprise to gamers or those with knowledge of the industry. After all, Google lost out to Amazon in the race to purchase Twitch TV last year, and it is not a brand that is accustomed to losing ground in the market. As a result, it has designed the new YouTube Gaming platform, in order to compete directly with Twitch and enable gamers to share live gameplay and tutorials within a global community. Rarely is market competition so direct and so raw, so we are likely to see a considerable battle waged in the quest for supremacy.

Initially, however, Google has some ground to make up on its rival. Having already hosted the Nintendo World Championships and Bethesda’s first ever E3 showcase, it has hit the ground running and generated significant content for live streaming. In contrast, Google had been required to wait until the recent E3 event to make its first impact on the market, when it played host to a 12 hour live streaming marathon featuring commentary, insight and interviews with gaming celebrities. This event packed a considerable punch, however, and suggested that Google would leave no stone unturned in its quest to ensure that YouTube Gaming becomes the market leader in live streaming.

With the battle lines drawn, what should gamers expect in the future? To be fair, they are accustomed to enjoying live roulette or episodic titles in real-time, but having the capacity to watch others compete and benefit from tutorials takes these experiences on to an entirely new and exciting level. The level of competition between Twitch TV and YouTube will only add to the experience of gamers, meaning that they are likely to benefit from even more features in the coming months.

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