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If you've been keeping an eye on #MiamiTech you know that cohort-based career skills company, OnDeck, launched a cohort in Miami that starts later this month (April 29). When I first learned about this I was ecstatic but then more I've learned about the program, I've become a little concerned. I have to give props to my friend Chris Daniels over at Shrimp Society for calling this out.

Forget the fact that it feels very "pay-to-play," it turns out only four (4) out of the 23 "Miami Tech Leaders" have actually lived in Miami for more than the past 6 months. Yep, that's 17%... and one of those four is the Mayor, Francis Suarez.

I'm curious how many of the founders who got into the program are from Miami or Florida. As far as I can tell most of the entrepreneurs who are taking part in the program are transplants – which don't get me wrong, I'm glad top talent is moving to Miami, but why isn't more of OG #MiamiTech being invited in?

Look, I'm not saying this is happening but, it's slightly concerning to me that Silicon Valley/Alley is moving in and many of them appear to closing themselves off from the grass roots community that exists down here. To me, that's not very Miami of them, and yes, I know I'm new here too. If the new #MiamiTech transplants are only here to enjoy the weather and not partake in the grass roots tech communities that have been being built here for years by lots of incredible people then I do have a real problem with that. That can't be the deal Mayor Suarez made with these people to get them here?

Again, I don't know if that's the case. I'd ask Keith Rabois if he would actually reply to me on Twitter.

Also for the record, I've reached out to a handful of people who are moving to Miami for this program via Twitter and not one of them has replied.

Overall, I'm still excited to see the program take place and I really hope these concerns don't come to fruition. That being said, if anyone partaking in the program would like to connect, I'd love to chat. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or email. As you know my goal is to cover the Florida startup scene here at BestTechie as well as connect the community through Florida Entrepreneurs Club.

And lastly, if you've made it this far and like the work we're doing here, take a look at our BestTechie Plus membership options to show your support and get even more value!

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