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Welcome to TechieBytes episode 83 titled Clubhouse influencers are real, here's how they think about the app (feat. Bianca Peynado)

Today I'm speaking with Bianca Peynado, Clubhouse influencer and CEO at the Roadblock Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to helping fight cyberbullying. We discuss her initial impressions of Clubhouse, why she thinks Clubhouse is different from other social networks, whether Clubhouse is developing the next generation of creators, and how she plans to fight cyberbullying! Enjoy!

I've also started the Florida Entrepreneurs Club along with my new friend (whom I met on Clubhouse), Nicholas Mohnacky (@mohnacky on CH)! If you're an entrepreneur in Florida (or anywhere around the world) be sure to follow me on Clubhouse (@jeffweisbein) and join us every Monday and Friday at 3PM ET and Wednesday at 7PM ET! Sign up on the site for the mailing list and follow our Twitter for updates.

Topics we discussed

  • What were your initial thoughts when you joined the app? How have they evolved over the past few months?

  • Why do you think Clubhouse is such a powerful app? How is it different from other social networks?

  • As other social networks release "Clubhouse-inspired" features where do you plan to spend your time? And why?

  • What are your best tips to get the most out of the app?

  • How do you feel about the new built-in payments feature? Do you have it?!

  • Is this app going to be bigger than Facebook? Does it need to be to be successful?

  • What can Clubhouse and its community do to help prevent cyber bullying? What can other platforms do (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)? How can we fight it in general? Does it start in schools?

Audio Episode

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Video Episode

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