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I’m really excited to announce that my company, KYA, today has released Shout — a brand new app for iOS and Chrome that let’s you easily save, share, and curate content for yourself or with your friends. It’s so easy and fun to use, too. Seriously: with the tap of a button, Shout makes it incredibly simple to save content you like for later or share it with family, friends, and followers.

Shout let’s you create lists to Shout content to (e.g. NYC Food, Tech News, etc). You can also follow public lists created by real people and discover new content about things that interest you. Additionally, you can make any list (private or public) a collaborative list, meaning you can add your friends and all Shout to the same list. This is great for things like multi-way sharing of links with your friends and family, collecting awesome places to have brunch, sharing news, funny gifs, the possibilities are endless!

To keep this as unbiased as I possibly can, below you’ll find a video review created by a friend of mine, Matt Birchler. I think his video review is well-done, honest, and fair. Take a look below and I hope you take some time to check out Shout for yourself.

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