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You’ve probably heard about cloud computing, but maybe you’re not sure about how it works or whether it is something you need to become more familiar with. If you run a business, cloud computing could be something that you could greatly benefit from, so if you need to get a better idea of what cloud computing involves, here is a quick introduction.

In a very basic summary, cloud computing refers to the process where the internet is used for services such as storage, servers and applications. So whereby many businesses have storage set up on their PC’s hard drives (local storage), cloud computing means that the infrastructure is shared and can be accessed from other places via the internet. So, in essence cloud really just means ‘through the internet.’

There are lots of ways that you can use cloud based storage for your business. You will have seen companies such as Dropbox providing services for people to store files. One of the really useful parts is that it makes it exceptionally easy to share files with other people. When emailing files, you can run into the problem of file sizes, but services like Dropbox enables you to share quickly and easily without such problems. Most companies offer a certain amount of storage for free, but then you will need to pay a fee if you reach the storage limit. Cloud storage can be a good way of backing up files so they don’t get lost. For example, a PC can break or a laptop could be stolen and you wouldn’t be able to get to the files. If you have saved them using cloud storage, you will still be able to access them.

Cloud storage options.

The Cloud is all about easy collaboration. Other services that you will also have heard of are Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive which operate through the same principle. You can share and edit files with people much easier than if you had to keep sharing via email for example.

Container orchestration is required to make it easy to turn apps on and off and is a service most providers cater for. If you are looking for IT support, then most cloud service companies will be able to help you through any technical jargon if you’re not familiar with any of the terms.

Security is a major concern with any area of file storage, whether cloud based or not, so to protect your business it is advisable to go with a company that comes with a high reputation and good security features. Different companies provide various packages and you will generally have to pay a lot more to get really good security features, but it will be worthwhile if it means you don’t have data stolen.

If you are not making the most of cloud computing for your business, then it is probably time to look into it. If you have people working remotely or your business operates from multiple locations, internet based infrastructure will make life a lot easier. It also makes it easier working with other suppliers or customers if you need to share files with them.

The infographic below pretty much sums it all up:

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