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I first met Erin when she was working at the now defunct e-commerce startup, Elliot. She was running the company's marketing and communications – and was very good at it. Day in and day out she would work tirelessly cultivating a community around the curious new e-commerce player: Elliot. It worked too. Before the company shut down, Elliot was being buzzed about all over. All of this and the fact she's an extremely kind person are why I recommend you subscribe to her Media Hackers newsletter.

Erin is a no-code enthusiast that formally studied journalism and media innovation. Her newsletter looks at different Media Hacks you can do at the intersection of media and tech, and how they can help you build an audience, engage with your community, monetize your content, and grow your reach. And to be honest, she's a great writer and I've found reading her newsletter fun. That, and I always seem to learn something (well, actually many things) new when I read it. It keeps me sharp and on my game.

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