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You may have bought or built a new PC for the holiday season and you want to protect your investment, so you look into buying a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or the more commonly known device a surge protector. These devices keep your computer and electronics safe from power surges and/or spikes. If you were to buy a UPS device, in addition to the protection from the power surges and spikes, you will receive a battery backup which will keep your computer running so you can save all of your work and shut down normally. However, you are now faced with which brand do you pick? How much should be you looking to spend? Generally, you should look to be spending anywhere from $30 to $150 for most home office UPS’ or surge protectors. The two brands I recommend are Belkin and APC.

Not only should you look for a good quality surge protector or UPS, but you might also want to check out devices that give you guarantees, so if it does not preform as advertised they will replace your computer. However, that will not give you your data back, so remember to always back up.

What brands do you use for your UPS and/or Surge Protectors? Leave a comment!

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