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I know a lot of people have been “jailbreaking” their iPod Touch and/or iPhone lately, especially after watching a video I did earlier this week. However, now that you’ve done all this work to put 3rd party applications onto your iPod or iPhone you want to show the world what applications you are using. No problem, it’s very simple. All you need to do is install the Screenshot application provided by the Installer.app. You will also need the iShare application to upload and/or email the jpg or png.

Supposedly, the screenshot application will mail your screenshot, however, I have had no such luck with that. Nonetheless, iShare is an excellent application to upload/email files of any kind. That’s it. Once you enable the screenshot application and click “snap”, go to iShare click “quick upload”, locate the file (which will by default be in /tmp) and enter the email address you want to send it to and you’re done.

Here is what my iPod Touch currently looks like:

So what does your iPod Touch or iPhone look like? Leave a comment with a link to the screenshot!

Update: For an easier way to take iPod Screenshots see this post here.

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  • Unfortunatly the screenshot application screws my whole ipod for some reason. makes it start freezing, i couldn’t even start up my ipod after a reboot a few times. And then i couldn’t turn it off so my screen was just flickering for like 15 minutes and then it turned itself off. Everytime i tried to run installed to get rid of the program it would crash, any program i would run crash. I had to use FTP thingy to get rid of it. However this process sounds like it would be great (if i could actually run the screenshot program).

  • I faced the same problem… it not only screwed up my ipod i had to restore and than jailbreak it again and go through the entire pain of installing all my applications again. its a great application only if it has a more stable version, this application should be installed with great caution. cheers

  • http://emp-crew.net/ipod/cover.jpg

    App list:
    Pocket Guitar
    MACalc (Scientific Calculator)
    SNES emulator
    Ball Fight
    TTR with GH3 Mod
    Touchpad (like a remote control for computers, wireless keyboard/mouse)

    On my dock i had MobileChat and SIP-Voip 1.1

    I don’t have a forum for ipod touch discussion on my website, however if anyone wants one, i’ll make it.

  • Hi!

    Do you know how to use
    Screenshot on iPod touch? (The capture button is’nt there)

    I got Version 1.1.3


  • You shouldn’t install this application unless you have an iPhone. You have seen two comments above where it didn’t work and here is the third. I restarted my iPod a couple of times and it showed the view or snap buttons but it wouldnt do anything if I tapped on them. Then all of the sudden, I couldn’t turn my iPod on…The screen started turning on and off again and again and again and it wouldn’t stop. So I had to restore and rejailbreak it. Don’t install unless you have an iPhone!!!!!!!

  • Same problem here. I started the screenhot application, took some shots and everything worked fine until I shut down my iphone without closing the screenshot application. After restart, the iphone showed the view or snap buttons but I couldnt not tapp anything. The iphone was virutally unusable.

    Solution: I downloaded iphone PC suite (google it you will find it easily) which allows you to access the iphone root directory plus create ringtones an such. In the applications folder I deleted the one called “screenshot”. Surprisingly, it is not enough to delete the folder. You also have to delete the screenshot entry in the library/launchdaemon folder.

    Good Luck!

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  • If your running 2.0 all you have to do is hold down the sleep/wake button (top) and press the home button (front). The screen will flash and it will be saved to your photos folder under “saved photos”. If you are using windows when you plug in your ipod the picture/scanner wizard will open up and you can save your “screenshots” to your computer!

  • What point is this when the new update allows you to take an image any where by pushing sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time why whould you bother jailbreaking it because when you take a screen shot you have to have that application in the way

  • To take a picture of ur home screen on the iphone all u do is press home and power buttons at the same time. It flashes and saves it 2 ur photos. U can mail it Via E-mail

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