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Basic PC maintenance is an essential part of computing especially nowadays with so much to worry about with spyware, malware, viruses, and trojans running rampant on the web. This is why it is important to run an Anti-Virus such as NOD32 (if you are willing to pay) or AVG Anti-Virus (a free alternative). Along with running those pieces of software, you should make sure you run disk cleanup once a month or so as well as defrag your hard drive every so often to keep fragmentation down. Both of those utilities are built into Windows and can be found under the Start Menu in All Programs – Accessories – System Tools. One program I always recommend to clean up temp files and other unnecessary files is ATF-Cleaner which is made by a friend of mine. It is a very simple-easy-to-use application that does just what it is meant to do – clean up temp files.

However, there are of course, certain things that I do not recommend – not every system cleaning/optimizing program is good. I really don’t recommend those all-in-one system cleaning and optimizing applications as they usually don’t work very well and tend to delete important files or break stuff.

How do you keep your PC running smooth? Leave a comment!

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