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We often feel like there is no time left in our day for anything. Exhaustion hits and there is still dinner to prepare, errands to run and countless “to-do’s” to complete. Time is precious, and well society is struggling to find it to maintain a work life balance. Mycro, the German company new to the scene is launching a mobile application to establish a peer-to-peer network for real-time job matching, providing people the freedom to manage their own time, while simultaneously making some extra cash on the side.

Mycro will transform the independent work market, building on the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the enormous pools of workers and customers they can reach, while harnessing rich real-time information that facilitates efficient job matches and promotes community involvement.

Through Mycro’s user-friendly platform, users will have the potential to post jobs for hire, ranging from home, delivery, virtual, and skilled services. The unique Mycro algorithm will connect employers with suitable candidates, who want to earn some quick cash. Through intelligent and self-learning algorithms that are adopted from popular dating sites, Mycro matches available jobs in real time that fits with the right person in the right job. These short term jobs include tasks such as landscaping, grocery shopping, planning your next vacation and tutoring.

The Mycro mobile application ensures complete trust for users and jobbers, optimal security for transactions on the application. In addition, low fees are guaranteed by eliminating the middlemen, jobs are also posted free of charge. Users only pay a fee of 2% for using the mobile application.

This all sounds great and all, but why now? There’s no denying crypto and blockchain are at a standstill, unsure of what is in store for this industry. The launch of a mobile application using a blockchain platform may be a risky move at this time. According to Mycro CEO & founder Andre Bruckmann “At Mycro, we strive to create a time and money equilibrium for all. Our mission is to give every person access to a global marketplace that presents them with accessible and secure short term employment options, no matter where they come from.”

The future of Mycro is bright, as it has the potential to improve the lives of those struggling with time and money conflict.  With the advancement of technology, specifically the rise in mobile technology, people will have the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones, have more freedom, and make a little extra cash in doing so. However, the app has not officially launched yet, so we will have some ‘time’ to determine if it will really work. Thus, the question still stands: do we need another short term job matching app similar to the successful app Fiverr? Time will tell if Mycro is the answer to get our time back.

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