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Computing systems were devised to provide a seamless multitasking experience and to exponentially enhance human productivity as it enabled humans to perform numerous tasks at the blink of an eye without even breaking a sweat. Bicycles for the mind as Steve Jobs once so eloquently put it. This clearly narrows it down to a single formulated aspect that is when it comes to computers, faster is always better. The faster you know how to maneuver a computer, the faster you can get things done and similarly the faster your computer is, the more you can get done.

In the world that we live in, we are always running short on time so here are some things that you can do to enhance and multiply your productivity:

Clean your PC

When it comes to keeping your PC clean then it becomes the first and foremost priority as you might never know the vulnerabilities associated with always keeping programs to chew up on your RAM or storage. This unnecessary load might also dramatically reduce the life expectancy of your hardware components. In order to minimize the adverse after-effects, a relatively easier way to help ease out the performance of your PC would be to rid yourself of the extra bulky data that you no longer require including the caches of browsers and remnants of previously uninstalled programs. Working on data management such as this has been known to subsequently improve your overall productive buzz.

In addition to cleaning out old, no longer used software on your computer, you will also want to consider opening your desktop computer’s case and carefully using compressed air to clean out the dust build up in the fans and around the case. This also helps prolong the hardware’s life as well as helps with airflow.

Upgrade your storage and RAM

Upgrading your storage by swapping out the old HDD for a new SSD or installing a new SSD for installations and lightning fast boot ups is one way of replenishing your PCs performance without breaking the bank. Upgrading your RAM (meaning, more RAM and/or faster RAM) means better performance in every day computing tasks from browsing the web to editing photos to playing games. If you’re specifically looking to improve your gaming computer, then invest only in the best RAM for your PC in 2019.

Use productive apps

PCs are an amalgamation of software and hardware which are optimized to bring the most out of the experience. Since software plays an important role so there are a lot of productivity apps that can elevate your overall productivity or provide you with an insight on what sort of innovative or colorful things that you can do with your PC while saving up on your precious time. Common examples would be the snipping and video capture tools that are readily available either preinstalled in operating systems or you can always download a third-party app for added functionality. Always be on the look out for ways to improve your workflow, because chances are, if you’re looking for a better way to do a particular task, someone else has likely created an app or technique to allow you to do it more efficiently.

Better connectivity or internet

This general formulated notion of “faster is better” in the computing realm has caused quite a stir among the masses as this has always proven to be true. The faster you work, the more productive you are considered to be. Now in order to maintain this fast paced life, you always need to have things on the go even a thing such as the internet needs to be portable in order for it to maximize its potential. Now the most prominent and convenient mediums of connectivity would be WiFi. One might argue over the reliability of wired LAN connections because they add more stability and better bandwidth whereas compromising on the portability. Wireless connectivity has come a long way from where it initially stood and even WiFi connectivity is progressing to be the primary medium instead of the wired one.

Even though WiFi has been in the market for a while now, there is a massive concern that comes to mind when you’re talking about desktops that were solely designed keeping wired connectivity in mind. As outdated as that idea might seem, there are still a noticeable number of wired users out there. But they can also benefit from the adaptability of these desktops by including a third party WiFi adapter which turns their computer into a WiFi receptive machine to get them back in the game with their wireless counterparts. If you are new to the idea of WiFi adapters and need some more extensive coverage over which ones to get for yourself, then head on over to to learn more.

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