How To Install RAM

Installing new RAM (Random Access Memory) is probably the simplest and easiest upgrade to preform on a computer.  For that reason it is one of the most common upgrades for people to perform.  Additionally, upgrading your RAM can produce a significant increase in overall system performance.  Today, the standard amount of RAM for new computers is generally 2GB.  However, that certainly isn’t a limit (it depends on your computer’s motherboard).  Many new computers will support up to 4-8GB of RAM — some even can support more.  For example, my Mac Pro supports up to 32GB of DDR2 800Mhz RAM.

Important information about installing RAM:

  1. Turn the computer completely off and unplug it from the wall/surge protector/UPS device.
  2. Ground yourself (before touching/installing the RAM) by either touching metal such as the power supply or by using an anti-static wrist band.
  3. Make sure the RAM notches are aligned properly – it can only go in one way.
  4. Don’t be afraid to apply some force to get it in the slot – use both of your thumbs to push down.
  5. Wait for the click of the latches to lock the RAM into place before releasing.

If you need additional assistance or have problems after upgrading your RAM feel free to post on the forums.

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