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Google has been synonymous with “search” for many years now, but before Larry and Sergei came on the scene, Yahoo was the hippest search tool on the web. It seems that in an effort to combat a common foe, today Firefox-maker Mozilla announced that it has teamed up with Yahoo to push Google out as the browser’s default search tool.

For the last decade or so, Google has held the default search spot on Firefox, but now that the contract between the two has come due for renewal, Mozilla has decided to go with Yahoo instead. This partnership makes sense since Google competes with both companies on their home turf. When Google launched Chrome, Firefox lost its title as the cool alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari. And you don’t need much in the way of a history lesson to know how Google ate Yahoo’s lunch. Yahoo’s been trying to catch back up ever since. This deal might help both companies reclaim some ground from the mighty Google.

According to Mozilla’s announcement, Firefox users will also reap the benefits of the new arrangement beginning next month:

“Starting in December, Firefox users will be introduced to a new enhanced Yahoo Search experience that features a clean, modern interface that brings the best of the Web front and center.”

That’s interesting. I’m not sure I’ll make the switch myself, if only because my life benefits from sticking with Chrome and Google. That’s because I have an Android phone, and Google Now and its knowledge of my searches helps keep me informed on topic I’m interested in. That said, don’t be surprised to find a few more people going back to Firefox to see what the fuss is about.

Will this partnership put a dent in Google’s web browsing and searching armor? We’ll see…

[The Mozilla Blog]

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