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At its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) event later this month, Microsoft will publicly unveil its “Windows Cloud” Internet-based OS, the company confirmed.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the plans at a Software plus Services partner event in London last Wednesday. “We need a new operating system designed for the cloud and we will introduce one in about four weeks, we’ll even have a name to give you by then. But let’s just call it for the purposes of today “Windows Cloud”.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in its Software + Services vision, particularly as it relates to the services platform to deliver a set of solutions that address its customer’s needs.

More specific details are somewhat scare at this point but I would expect to see a number of productivity tools to be offered online by Microsoft such as Office based applications with collaboration tools and a number of additional communication tools.  I would also expect Microsoft to heavily tie Live Search into this product.  I’m very curious as to what else will be part of this Internet operating system and if it will more than just a set of tools, but rather, a full system with the ability to add your own applications.

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