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My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up this Thursday (Oct. 2nd) and I bought her the brand new 32GB iPod Touch. It’s much thinner and lighter than the 1st Gen for starters. In addition, it sports an internal speaker and 3D graphics.

It’s very sleek and thin right off the bat.  The new iPod Touch has a silver/chrome trim around the edges in comparison to the 1st generation model which has a dark charcoal hard-plasticy trim around the edge.  It definitely has a greater resemblence to the iPhone now (at least the 1st generation iPhone).

The built in speaker is also a plus for sharing music on the fly without having to lend people headphones or just to listen without headphones if you so choose.  Surprisingly, the sound quality that comes out of the device is realitvely good.  If I were to compare it to another set of internal speakers I would say it’s on par with the Macbook’s internal speakers.  It really sounds decent!

The addition of the 3D graphics is great for those new games in the App Store.  They really look great.  The color on the new iPod Touch is also a bit warmer and more vibrant.

Is this a must upgrade if you have a 1st generation iPod Touch?  No.  It’s a nice upgrade though if you have some extra cash to spend or for a present.

Have you tried the new iPod Touch?  Let me know!  Leave a comment!


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