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Today, Microsoft announced that their next version of Mac Office (2010) will include a new application.  That new application being Outlook for Mac.  It will be replacing Entourage which is the current alternative to Outlook in the Mac Office Suite.  I’m sure that will make a number of people cheer.

The Mac Office team has built this Mac version of Outlook from the ground up to ensure compatibility and solid performance.

A few of the features that will be in Outlook for Mac:

  • Cocoa. Built from the ground up using Cocoa providing users with improved integration with the Mac OS
  • New database. A high-speed file-based database with support for backing up files with Time Machine and Spotlight searching
  • Information Rights Management. Helps prevent sensitive information from being distributed to or read by people who do not have permission to access the content

In the meantime for those Entourage users who use Web Services, Microsoft has offered an updated version of the software to make it more like Outlook.

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