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I would like to thank TrueToniqs for sending me a couple of cans of their Brain Toniq energy drink.  Brain Toniq’s slogan is “The intelligent think drink” – it is supposed to make you think clearer by clearing out what they call “head fog”.  It is a low(er) calorie (it has 80 to be exact) than many of the other energy drinks on the market and also does not have any sugar or caffeine in the drink itself.

To me, the drink tastes like those Caprisun fruit drinks (it has citrus extract in there drink – no actual fruit) with a hint of carbonation.  In regards to the way the drink looks, it’s not the most appealing looking drink.  It looks like Apple Cider but even darker, I suppose that’s why the can is white and not transparent.

I should also note that I am not a big energy drink person at all, nor am I an expert in taste testing products.  I recommend you try out Brain Toniq yourself to see if you like it.  Think of it as a geeky way to start your day.

And with regards to thinking more clearly and focusing better, I think it helped a bit.  I’m not sure though, you read those labels and you can fake yourself into thinking things that aren’t happening.  I’ll have to try it again when I’m doing homework.

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