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Today, Digsby is announcing a partnership with MySpace and OneRiot to bring real-time social activity to the desktop. “People want instant access to the content their friends are sharing,” said Steve Shapiro, president of dotSyntax, “Our partnerships make Digsby the premier desktop client to discover and participate in social conversations that are taking place right now.”

MySpace users will now have a new way of interacting with their friends and family using MySpaceID. The new Digsby MySpaceID integration delivers a complete MySpace activity stream, status updates, and photo albums right to the desktop along with real-time notifications, and is available to MySpace’s global community. This is not only a good move on Digsby part, but, also will be a positive for MySpace who is still struggling to stay in the game.

Additionally, the integration with OneRiot will bring real-time search to Digsby. It will allow users to find all of the latst news, videos and blogs that are people are talking about on the social web. A solid idea, especially with all the buzz around real-time search currently. global_status

Digsby is also introducing a new feature called Global Status which will make it even easier for users to update their status around the web. It allows users to set their status across all IM and social network accounts at the same time. The new Global Status can update IM Status, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace. That covers the major players in the field and it will be interesting to see how this effects web services like The Global Status dialog also makes it easy to share links (via and pictures (via

A new Windows 7 based theme is also being released as well (see screenshot).

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