Due to the YouTube 10 minute video limitation the interview had to be separated into two separate videos:

I interviewed Bruce Harrison who is a developer at Malwarebytes – the company who created Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. We discussed computer security for the home user.  Below is the list of questions from the interview.

1. What is malware/spyware?
2. How can malware affect an average computer user? How do you know if you are infected?
3. If someone’s computer were to get infected with malware what should they do to remedy the situation?
4. What separates Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from the rest of software on the market such as Super Antispyware, Windows Defender, and Ad-aware?
5. Do you recommend using an anti-virus such as NOD32, Kaspersky, or AVG? If so, which and why?
6. Do you recommend using a firewall such as Comodo, Zone Alarm, Kerio, or will a hardware router such as Linksys, Netgear, or dlink work just fine for most people?
7. For the average home computer user who surfs the web and checks their email – what’s the best way they can keep themselves safe online with ease? Should everyone be using an anti-malware application like malwarebytes’ anti-malware in conjunction with an anti-virus and firewall? Is there anything else we as home computer users should be doing to keep safe online?

Did this interview help you?  Would you like more interviews such as this one in the future?  Let me know – leave a comment!

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  • Very informative. What audio connection were you using to get that crystal clear connection
    to Bruce Harrison? You certainly can’t get one with a landline or from a VOIP provider.
    Was it Google Talk?

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