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I’m not one who likes to rest on their laurels which is why I’m constantly looking for ways to improve everything I do.  Of course, that includes BestTechie.  So I’ve contracted an excellent web developer, Thomas Griffin, to make some awesome revisions to BestTechie.  Now, I like the current (overall) design of the site, I think it fits and works well, but that’s not to say certain things couldn’t be improved and modified.  So while we did not completely redesign the site, we have made some very nice changes which I think will improve your experience.

So what has changed?  We have completely redesigned the headlines/featured articles section on the front page of the site.  In addition to displaying our featured content better, the new headlines section also allows us to emphasize other important things such as our iPhone app (which is currently being revamped and will also support the iPad upon its re-release).  We have also implemented new sharing buttons at the top and bottom of each post.  In other words, we really appreciate it when you guys share our content around the web and have made it even easier now for you to do it.  We didn’t stop there though.

Did you know we provide daily email updates of all our content?  No?  Well, that’s most likely because we never did a good job promoting it.  The new design changes now prominently display this feature in the header and also at the bottom of each post.  So take a second and sign up (it’s free!).  We’ll never spam you and perhaps more importantly, we’ll never sell your email address to anyone.

I like keeping things clean, but sometimes a splash of color can go a long way.  So we’ve also added some more color to the site.  The categories at the top of each post are now colorized making it easy to determine what type of article you are about to read.  It also adds some nice contrasting elements to the site.

Last but not least, we have made some changes to the font and the footer.  We’ve increased the font size to 14.  After all, 14 is the new 12.  As for the new footer, it now includes our latest video post and links to other places around the web you can connect with us.

We would love to know what you think of the new design changes, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email.

This is also our 1,000th published post!


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