At 10:30AM Eastern Time on Monday (September 23, 2013) morning, Microsoft will be holding its Surface 2 event in NYC where the company will be announcing the next generation of Surface tablets.  We’ll be there live and in-person covering it for you and providing you with everything you’ll want to know.  Be sure to check back at 10:30AM ET for all the details, including an awesome live blog.

In the meantime, definitely check out some of other Surface 2 coverage from the past few weeks.

Here’s the timezone breakdown for when the event and our live blog will start:

7:30AM — Pacific
8:30AM — Mountain
9:30AM — Central
10:30AM — Eastern
3:30PM — London
4:30PM — Paris
6:30PM — Moscow
10:30PM — Hong Kong
11:30PM — Tokyo
12:00AM (September 24th) — Sydney

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  • Those are great prices for those devices. I still have my doubts that they’ll succeed in the face of overwhelming love of Apple, but these price points are a great place to start.

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